29 de enero de 2013

Virginia Woolf & TEA #12

Lytton Strachey & Rosamond & John Lehmann
Tomando el Té en la casa Ham Spray de Wiltshire, c. 1930
Fotógrafo: Frances Partridge.

"A revealing letter about the disappearance and suicide of Virginia Woolf in 1941 is part of a new archive of letters by the Bloomsbury group that is being opened to public viewing for the first time. The two collections belonged to the novelist Rosamond Lehmann and the diarist and writer Frances Partridge, once described by fellow group member Clive Bell as having "the best legs in Bloomsbury". Lehmann and Partridge became friends at Cambridge University, later getting to know the group of intellectuals that also included Woolf, EM Forster, Lytton Strachey and JM Keynes [...]"

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